Gutter Installation and Repairs

gutter guardSouthern Siding Company offers custom built, 5'' or 6'' seamless gutters that are built on site to your desired color and size. Whether you are looking for standard aluminum gutters or a more specialized half-round style with round downspouts, Southern Siding Company can meet all your rain gutter needs. All gutter installations come with Grey Rock Run splash blocks to divert water away from your house in order to protect your foundation from cracks and leaks.

Uncovered gutters and downspouts can easily get clogged with leaves and debris. When gutters are clogged, they will overflow with water which can cause major damage to your home's foundation, fascia, landscaping, and siding.

EcoGuard Diamond has a diamond-shaped filtration system that can handle any rainfall and outperforms other gutter protection products with round holes.

Whether you need new gutters, replacement, or repairs, contact Southern Siding Company today for a free quote.

Without Ecoguard

  • Water damage to fascia, siding and foundation from overflowing gutters

  • Mold inside basements and attics

  • Thousands of injuries every caused by falls from ladders

  • Plan to clean your gutters regularly

With Ecoguard

  • Keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters

  • Fits your existing gutters

  • Blends with your gutters and roofline

  • Can handle ANY downpour

  • Eliminates the hazardous chore of climbing a ladder

  • Prevents animals and birds from nesting